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Date/TimeSubjectSpeakerAffiliationsort icon
02/25/2004 - 14:00Finding the Geometry of the CosmosCharles HellabyUCT
03/24/2004 - 14:00Introducing the Great Attractor, your cosmic neighbourPatrick WoudtUCT
04/15/2004 - 14:00Rapid Oscillations in Cataclysmic Variable StarsBrian WarnerUCT
05/05/2004 - 14:00Applications of Satellite Imaging RadarMike InggsUCT
05/06/2004 - 14:00Rapid Oscillations in Cataclysmic Variable StarsBrian WarnerUCT
05/19/2005 - 14:00Rapid Oscillations in Cataclysmic Variable StarsProf Brian WarnerUCT
08/04/2005 - 14:00Geometry from Matter - Obtaining the Metric of the Cosmos from ObservationsDr Charles HellabyUCT
10/12/2006 - 14:00Quantum Gravity for Astronomers.Dr Jeff MuruganUCT
10/17/2007 - 13:00Research - a survival guideAssoc Prof. Bruce BassettUCT
09/17/2008 - 13:00Pulsations in White DwarfsBrian WarnerUCT
10/08/2008 - 13:00*** postponed ***Chris ClarksonUCT
09/10/2008 - 13:00MAPPING THE LOCAL UNIVERSETony FairallUCT
04/14/2010 - 13:00How often do spiral galaxies collide?Benne HolwerdaUCT
05/12/2010 - 13:00Dark matter distribution at the centres of dwarf galaxiesSe-Heon OhUCT
08/18/2010 - 13:00Grains in Island Universes: What counting distant galaxies can tell us about interstellar dustBenne HolwerdaUCT
10/20/2010 - 13:00MOND + sterile neutrinosGarry AngusUCT
04/06/2011 - 13:00High Speed AstronomyEm. Dist. Prof. Brian WarnerUCT
08/03/2011 - 13:00Mass Distribution in Galaxies using Multi-Wavelength 3D Spectroscopy Claude Carignan UCT
08/17/2011 - 13:00Tidal dwarf galaxies and the halo of the Milky WayGarry Angus UCT
08/31/2011 - 13:00Hazards in space! Will SumbandilaSAT survive?Chijioke Cj Nwosa UCT
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