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Date/Timesort iconSubjectSpeakerAffiliation
02/21/2003 - 14:00Topology and CosmologyJean-Philippe UzanInstitut d'Astropysique de Paris & Laboratoire de Physique Theorique, Universite D'Orsay
02/27/2003 - 14:00Some aspects of electrostatic waves in space plasmasManfred HellbergUKZN
03/06/2003 - 14:00The UCT CCD CV SurveyPatrick WoudtUCT
03/13/2003 - 14:00Pass the SALT, please! An update on the Southern African Large TelescopeDavid BuckleySALT
03/27/2003 - 14:00Quantum Chromo dynamics: Approximate SolutionsCesareo DominguezNASSP
04/03/2003 - 14:00The State of Galaxy Formation in the Local UniverseEric WilcotsN/A
04/10/2003 - 14:00Extra-Galactic Astronomy at UNPCatherine CressSAAO
05/06/2003 - 14:00General Relativistic Corrections for Pulsar Electrodynamics and Gamma Ray EmissionOkkie de JagerNWU
05/22/2003 - 14:00Theoretical astero-seimology in MmabathoThebe MedupeUCT
07/24/2003 - 14:00The University of the Free State Astrophysics ProgrammeDr Pieter MeintjesUniversity of the Free State
08/14/2003 - 14:00Solar, Heavenly, Earthly Neutrinos and Nobel Prizes in PhysicsProf Raoul ViollierUCT
08/14/2003 - 14:00Astronomical MasersProf Derck SmitsUNISA
08/21/2003 - 14:00The Hazy Cosmic JiveProf Justin JonasRhodes University
09/04/2003 - 14:00Heart Beats and Spin in Old DegeneratesProf Brian WarnerUCT
09/18/2003 - 14:00EC13471-1258: Its Cup Runneth Over.. JustDr Darragh O'DonaghueSAAO
10/09/2003 - 14:00Modulation studies at Potchefstroom UniversityProf Adri BurgerPotchefstroom University
10/16/2003 - 14:00Dark Side of CreationDr Gary TupperUCT
10/20/2003 - 14:00Gravitational Collapse & the Cosmic Censorship HypothesisProf Aroon BeeshamUniversity of Zululand
02/18/2004 - 14:00Astrotomography of magnetic Cataclysmic VariablesStephen PotterSAAO
02/25/2004 - 14:00Finding the Geometry of the CosmosCharles HellabyUCT
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