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Dark energy creation from colliding gravitational waves

It has recently been put forward that certain colliding gravitational waves in vacuum with vanishing cosmological constant can create dark energy in the form of generating a positive cosmological constant. This very ambitious statement comes from noticing that data on a null cone generated from the point of collision of two impulsive gravitational plane waves can not only continue solving the Einstein equations with vanishing cosmological constant, but instead solve them with a positive one. This gluing procedure is perfectly reasonable from the mathematical point of view, but how does this generation of a cosmological constant occur? The aim of this project is to conceive of some mechanism that generates this cosmological constant, potentially a scalar field, and reproduce this numerically using a gravitational plane wave collider that is available to use (C. Stevens et. al 2014). Once this is done, one would generalise the generation of cosmological constant to waves that are not impulsive.
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Basic knowledge of General Relativity would be an advantage
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General Astrophysical Sciences

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