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Development and Commissioning of a 2-dish Interferometer with Satellite Dishes

Radio interferometry is an alternative way to achieve desired angular resolution without building an expensive large antenna. With the plan to build a small low-cost 4-element interferometers with at least one base station located at each campus of NWU, this project will serve as a pathfinder to the NWU 4-element array. It will involve the assembling 2 satellite dishes and using them to make a demonstrative 2-dish interferometer. Essentially, the student will learn the concept of interferometry and correlation of data collected from individual dishes. The 2-dish interferometer will be located in the NWU's research farm (Nooitgedacht) 20 km away from Potchefstroom. Completion of the project involves assembling, installing and testing the instrument by carrying out real observations of bright radio sources (e.g. Sun, Moon).
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Frequent visit to Nooitgedacht (NWU's research farm 20km away from Potchefstroom). Such visits will be supported by NWU.
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