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Exploring extreme star-forming galaxies for SALT in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey

We seek applicants to undertake a Honors project to identify a rare and enigmatic class of star-forming galaxies that contribute substantially to the evolution of the moving star-formation rate. These galaxies – called Luminous Compact Blue Galaxies (LCBGs) – will be found based on their colors, luminosity and size in the deep multi-epoch imaging in Stripe 82 of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. The outcome of the project will be a publishable catalog of targets suitable for future follow-up with the Southern African Large Telescope. Students wishing to take on this program at the Masters level will use this sample (a) to estimate the evolution of the LCBG co-moving space-density; and/or (b) co-write and submit a SALT observing proposal on which the student will be a Co-I to follow up these targets with the High Resolution Spectrograph (HRS). Students who wish to go on to do a Ph.D. program may apply in following years to build from this program to reduce and analyze the HRS data to characterize how their mass, stellar winds, and metallicity evolve with cosmic time. The student will work with Prof M Bershady (SAAO SARChI), his research team of observers and instrumentalists, and collaborators around the world.
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Basic programming skills, e.g., python, are needed.
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