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Fast Transients

The MSc student will work in coordination with PhD1 and PhD2 to characterize the multi-colour evolution of transients, to establish a better framework for the identification of kilonova gravitational wave counterparts. Despite many years of transient work, multi-colour optical light curves are still rare. The unique aspect of the BlackGEM and MeerLICHT telescopes is their ability to rapidly switch filters for wide-field observations. All data will therefore be obtained in 3-6 filters contemporaneously. Using SALT/SAAO optical spectroscopy and SAAO Lesedi and LCO optical photometric follow to identify and characterize the transients, the student will work towards a complete multi-colour understanding of the time evolution of transients, including dwarf novae, novae, supernovae and flare stars.
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Considerable time will be spent at Sutherland observing at night time.
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