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The Fog Box: Astronomical Technology for Reliable Water access

Access to clean water is one of the global sustainability goals of the United Nations and of immediate importance to people in the Cape region of South Africa. Using radiation physics the aim of the Fog Box project is to construct a water condenser prototype that uses the cold of space to condense water out of air in a completely passive, non-powered way. A prototype will be built and deployed, first at the UCT campus and later at the SAAO Sutherland site for characterization. The Honours project involves both the theoretical background to the Fog Box principle, as well as the practical application. This Honours project can also be done by two students working in tandem. The project will be performed in collaboration with the Office for Astronomy for Development (OAD)
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Requirements for students to address: 
field observtions at the Sutherland observatory
Research Area: 
Space Physics

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