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HI masses of extreme star-forming galaxies in HI deep-fields

We seek applicants to undertake a one-year Masters program to stack radio data-cubes from the CHILES eVLA deep-field to detect neutral hydrogen (HI) emission from a rare, but enigmatic sample pf star-forming galaxies. These galaxies – called Luminous Compact Blue Galaxies (LCBGs) – contribute substantially to the evolution of the co-moving star-formation rate. This project will be the first attempt to measure their neutral hydrogen mass at intermediate redshifts. Students who wish to go on to do a Ph.D. program may apply in following years to build from this program (a) to identify and stack HI data-cubes in the MeerKAT/LADUMA survey to extend the HI mass measurement to higher redshifts; and/or (b) to stack edge-on galaxies in either CHILES or LADUMA surveys to estimate neutral-hydrogen and dynamical masses. The student will work with Prof M Bershady (SAAO SARChI), his research team of observers and instrumentalists, and collaborators around the world.
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Basic programming skills, e.g., python, are needed.
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