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Course Outline: 

Solar-Terrestrial physics is the study of the interaction of the solar wind and the Earth’s magnetosphere. Interplanetary space and Geospace are in the plasma state. The gross dynamics of the region can be studied by the methods of magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). In this course the basic equations of MHD are developed and applied to the dynamics of the solar corona, solar wind, the bow shock and the magnetosphere. This allows an understanding of space weather, which is of great importance in modern satellite technology.


  • Basic equations of MHD.
  • Equilibrium and the steady state.
  • Frozen-in fields and magnetic reconnection.
  • Dynamics of solar flares.
  • Formation of the magnetosphere and bow shock.
  • Magnetospheric convection.
  • MHD waves.
  • Wave phenomena in the solar wind and magnetosphere.
  • Planetary magnetospheres and the Heliosphere.


  • Walker, A. D. M., MHD Waves in Solar-Terrestrial Systems,
    in preparation for IOP Press, Bristol, estimated publication date 2004.
  • Walker, A. D. M., Plasma Waves in the Magnetosphere,
    Springer Verlag, Berlin, 1993

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