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Mechanical engineering for fibre-optic test facility

We seek applicants to undertake a Honors project on one or more critical elements of the civil engineering design and construction of a new laboratory space for astronomical instrumentation (optics, electronics, precision fabrication) under development at the South African Astronomical Observatory in Cape Town. Topics include: structural enclosures, ergonomics, HVAC for clean environments, space management, power and water access, large equipment ingress and egress. The successful applicant will define their program in consultation with Prof M Bershady (SAAO SARChI), based on their expertise, interests and career goals, the needs of the project, and the availability of suitable co-supervisor at their degree-granting institution. The student will work with Bershady, his research team, and other members of the SAAO technical staff.
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Requirements for students to address: 
Applicants need not have a background in astronomy, astronomical instrumentation, or optics; an interest to learn about relevant elements of these disciplines is desired.
Research Area: 
General Astrophysical Sciences

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