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NASSP Lecturer: Research Profile: My research interests focus primarily on accretion driven processes in galactic binary systems, i.e. the cataclysmic variables and X-ray binaries. These systems consist of a compact object like a white dwarf, neutron star or black hole that accretes matter from a main sequence companion star. The accreted gas will release enormous amounts of energy on the surface of a compact object or in its vicinity, if the compact object is a black hole. This accretion of matter (gas) by a compact object is the driving force behind processes like novae, as well as the powerful flares seen from x-ray binary systems. Accretion power is also the driving force behind the radio jets seen from the micro quasars, i.e. galactic x-ray binaries with a compact object which is most probably a few stellar mass black hole. My research focuses on the study accretion driven mhd and fluid dynamical processes in the vicinity of accretion driven compact objects, resulting in the energetic thermal and non-thermal outbursts from these systems. I am also interested in the evolution of binary systems. The evolution of the secondary star in a binary system influences the mass transfer to the compact object and it has a dramatic effect on the spin evolution of the rotating compact object. The spin evolution in turn influences the mass accretion ability of the compact object from a accretion disc. Accretion discs play a very important role in the production of energetic outbursts and mass outflow (jets) from these systems and need to be studied intensively. Selected Publications: Meintjes, P.J., Raubenheimer, B.C., De Jager, O.C., Brink, C., Nel, H.I., North, A.R., Van Urk, G., Visser, B. 1992 AE Aquarii: An Emitter of Pulsed TeV Gamma-Rays Resembling Optical Emission During Flares, Astrophys. J., 401, 325-335 de Jager, O.C., Meintjes, P.J., O' Donoghue, Robinson, E. 1994, The detection of a Brake in the Magnetic Cataclysmic Variable AE Aquarii, MNRAS, 267, 577-588 De Jager, O.C., Meintjes, P.J., 1993, Short Optical Bursts and Acceleration to TeV Energies in AE Aquarii, Astron. Astrophys, 268,L1-L4 Meintjes. P.J., De Jager, O.C., Raubenheimer, B.C., Brink, C., Nel, H.I., North, A.R., Visser, B. 1994, Simultaneous optical and TeV gamma-ray observations of the cataclysmic variable AE Aquarii, Astrophys. J.,434, 292-305 Meintjes, P.J., Kanbach G. 1994, Gamma-ray production in the winds of Wolf Rayet stars, in Currents in High Energy Astrophysics, NATO ASI Series, Vol. 395, eds. M. Shapiro, J.P. Wefel, p. 31-37 Meintjes, P.J. , De Jager, O.C., 2000, Propeller Spindown and Non-Thermal Emission from AE Aquarii, MNRAS, 311, p 611-620. Meintjes, P.J. 2002, AE Aquarii, the milli-second pulsar of the cataclysmic variables, Proc. of the Pulsar studies in Africa workshop (HartRao), African Skies/Ciex Africaine nr. 7 (May 2002), eds. C.S. Flanagan, F.A.M. Frescura, B. Woerman, p. 5-8 Calitz, J.J., Meintjes, P.J. 2002, Spin-up, Spin down and non-thermal emission from compact objects., Proc. of the Pulsar studies in Africa workshop (HartRao), African Skies/Ciex Africaine nr. 7 (May 2002), eds. C.S. Flanagan, F.A.M. Frescura, B. Woerman, p. 2-4

by Dr. Radut
meintjies | National Astrophysics and Space Science Programme


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