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Student Project Supervisor
Abubakr Yagob
Black Hole Mergers - Gravitational Waves and Horizon Dynamic
Denis Pollney
Brandon Engelbrecht
Dark Energy and Baryon Acoustic Oscillations
Roy Maartens
Curtly Blows
3D Models of Cosmic Explosions
Shazrene Mohamed
Isaac Sihlangu
Investigate the Link between Solar Activity and Terrestrial Weather
Stefan Lotz
Jake Gordin
Prediction of Gravitational Wave Emissions for a Model System
Fabio Frescura
Jan-Albert Viljoen
Cosmic Ray Detection
Thomas Dietel
Kameel Sooknunan
Radio Interferometer Teaching Telescope
Claude Carignan
Liantsoa Finaritra Randrianjanahary
Galaxies Spinning in the Large Scale Velocity Field
Andreas Faltenbacher
Mathobela Albert Baloyi
Evaluation of Various Models for HF Propagation Prediction
Pierre Cilliers
Nazir-Ahmed Adam Makda
The SALT Gravitational Lensing Project
Steven Crawford
Phumlani Nkuthalo Phakathi
A suitable method to estimate thermospheric neutral winds using ionosonde measurements
Zama Katamzi
Simthembile Dlamini
HIRAX: Analysis, foregrounds and cosmological cross-­Correlation
Kavilan Moodley
Tebogo Mashile
Crossmatching Data in the Virtual Observatory: Brightest Cluster Galaxies Line Ratios
Khadija EL Bouchefry
Tumelo Mangena
Exploring Galaxy Morphologies and Star Formation at High Redshifts
Rosalind Skelton
Unarine Tshiwawa
Groups living the HI life
Michelle Cluver
Wathela Osman
Machine Learning in Multi-Wavelength Galaxy/AGN Evolution
Russ Taylor
Search Projects
Student Project Supervisor
Holly Snell
Modelling and testing the effects of space radiation on space borne electronic components
Peter Martinez
Anja Genade
Stellar Occultations by Outer Solar System Bodies
Amanda Sickafoos
Thembaloxolo Gqaza
Optimisation of galaxy identification methods in a large interferometric HI survey
Renee Kraan-Korteweg
Michael Heyns
Establishing a Multi-Lead Time Forecast of Induced Electric Field Components Driven by Solar Activity for the South African Power Grid
Trevor Gaunt, Stefan Lotz
Melaku Sisay Tafere
Gas flows and feedback in star-forming galaxies
Londiwe Ndlangamandla
Simulated Cluster Comparison Project
Daniel Cunnama
Ethan Roberts
Discovering New Classes of Objects - Machine Learning for the WTF Survey on ASKAP
Bruce Basset
Michael Saharin
Multi-instrument Ionospheric Faraday Rotation Analysis
Nadeem Oozeer
Nicole Thomas
Connecting Galaxy Evolution and Cosmology in Multi-Wavelength Surveys
Romeel Dave
Search Projects
Student Project Supervisor
Bernard Mmame
SuperDARN Convection map Interpretation Using the online Tsyganenko model (Space science)
Judy Stephenson
Simon Mulokoshi
Studying the shape of dark matter halo with kinetic sunyaev-zeldovich effect (AstroPhysics)
Yin Zhe Ma
Search Projects
Student Project Supervisor
Adila Wahimso Tire
The study of the Effects of Geomagnetic extreme events in the middle atmosphere using SuperDARN radar and Space-Borne Satellite (Space Science)
Sivakumar Venkataraman, Sibusiso Mthembu

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