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Master 2016 Project Allocations



Student Name Project Choice Supervisor

Holly Snell

Modelling and testing the effects of space radiation on space borne electronic components

Peter Martinez

Anja Genade 

Stellar Occultations by Outer Solar System Bodies 

Amanda Sickafoos

Thembaloxolo Gqaza 

Optimisation of galaxy identification methods in a large interferometric HI survey   

Renee Kraan-Korteweg

Michael Heyns 

Establishing a Multi-Lead Time Forecast of Induced Electric Field Components Driven by Solar Activity for the South African Power Grid

Trevor Gaunt, Stefan Lotz

Melaku Sisay Tafere

Gas flows and feedback in star-forming galaxies


Londiwe Ndlangamandla 

Simulated Cluster Comparison Project 

Daniel Cunnama

Ethan Roberts

Discovering New Classes of Objects - Machine Learning for the WTF Survey on ASKAP

Bruce Basset

 Michael Saharin

Multi-instrument Ionospheric Faraday Rotation Analysis

Nadeem Oozeer

Nicole Thomas

Connecting Galaxy Evolution and Cosmology in Multi-Wavelength Surveys

Romeel Dave 



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