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The radio-optical-X-ray luminosity correlation of X-ray binaries in the Galactic Bulge

The Galactic Bulge Survey used the Chandra X-ray satellite to survey two strips of sky, each 1x6 degrees across, in the Bulge of the Milky Way Galaxy to chart the population of low-luminosity X-ray binaries. It has detected over 1000 X-ray sources in this region, consisting of a mix of binaries located in the Bulge and foreground objects such as Cataclysmic Variables and X-ray emitting active stars. The newly commissioned MeerKAT radio array has surveyed a part of the Galactic Bulge Survey area to very deep levels. The aim of the MSc project is to cross-correlate the GBS catalog with the MeerKAT radio data and a) identify which of the targets follow the radio-X-ray correlation of X-ray binaries, and b) if an optical counterpart is visible, obtain spectroscopic confirmation of the X-ray binary nature
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