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SAAO Summer School

The National Astrophysics and Space Science Program (NASSP) Summer School, is run by the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO). The program is dedicated to introducing new Honours students to the various areas of research in Astronomy and Space Science in South Africa as well as providing a bonding experience for the Honours class.

The summer school includes talks from experts from a wide variety of fields including observational cosmology, theoretical stellar astrophysics, machine learning, radio interferometry techniques, galaxy evolution and dynamics, compact sources, and transient science.

The summer school also provides a platform for students to meet and socialise with possible supervisors, mentors and collaborators through the activities which take place over this time. Several tours sre organised to the SAAO Sutherland site, home of the Southern African Large Telescope, SANSA in Hermanus and the SARAO offices in Cape Town.  


SAAO Summer School

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SAAO Summer School | National Astrophysics and Space Science Programme


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