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SALT Transients: Active Galactic Nuclei during Flaring states

As part of the SALT Large Science Proposal Observing the Transient Universe, the AGN working group is using the RSS spectrograph on the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) to observe blazars during gamma-ray flaring/non-flaring states in spectropolarimetry mode, with quasi-simultaneous photometric optical observations undertaken with the LCO and/or Master network. This allows the degree of polarization to be directly measured and allows us to self-consistently model the low energy component of blazars, differentiating between thermal and non-thermal emission. The aim of the Masters project will be to further develop the methodology to undertake observations of flaring blazars with SALT, take a leading role in triggering observations with SALT and the other telescope networks, the reduction and analysis of the observations, and develop the necessary pipelines to “stream-line” the observations. These observations will then serve as the input for modelling the emission, in collaboration with other members of the AGN working group.
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van Soelen


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A working knowledge of IRAF/PyRAF and Python will be required for this project.
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