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A tale of two neutron monitors

Interplanetary space is continuously bombarded by cosmic radiation of either galactic or solar origin. On the Earth’s surface, we measure the cosmic ray flux indirectly with neutron monitors (NMs). At the NWU, a smaller and more mobile version, a so-called mini-NM, was developed. In this project we plan to install such a monitor on a research ship and measure the NM flux during latitude scans when the ship visits the SANAE base in Antarctica. A second NM will be installed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Using these measurements, the spectrum of the incident cosmic rays can be determined.
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Du Toit


Requirements for students to address: 
Programming experience and basic Linux skills is recommended with an aptitude for experimental and instrumental work. An introduction into Raspberry Pi computing is a necessary prerequisite.
Research Area: 
Space Physics

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