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Tracing star formation in groups and filaments around a young active galaxy cluster at z = 1.46

This project is contingent on a MeerKAT observing proposal (submitted in January 2019) being granted time. Below is the abstract of the proposal. We propose to use MeerKAT to map star-forming galaxies in the large scale structure surrounding the young galaxy cluster XCS J2215 at z = 1.46. The 0.5-Mpc core of this cluster has one of the highest integrated star formation rates known (> 1400 MSun/yr), and hosts a number of starburst galaxies that have been detected with ALMA. With MeerKAT, we will detect galaxies that are forming stars at a similar rate to the ALMA sources, but out to 15 Mpc from the cluster centre. When combined with existing deep, wide-field optical and IR data, this may reveal similarly active star formation in structures such as filaments and groups, which will act to build up XCS J2215 to a massive cluster by the present day. One possible reason for the high star formation rate in the core of XCS J2215 is its disturbed dynamical state. We will also use the surface brightness sensitivity of our MeerKAT observations to search for radio relics, which trace shock fronts due to cluster mergers. If found, these would be the most distant discovered to date.
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