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Advanced General Relativity

Advanced General Relativity

Course Outline: 

General relativity, which is a theory of gravitation, is regarded as one of the greatest intellectual feats of the 20th century. This course is concerned with a study of several key topics in advanced general relativity. It is assumed that students have already done an introductory course in general relativity. Those who have not should take the Honours NASSP course in general relativity.


  • Black holes (Schwarschild, Reissner-Nordstrom, Kerr, Penrose diagrams).
  • The Cauchy problem in general relativity.
  • Linearised field equations and gravitational waves.
  • Conservation laws and variational principles.


  • R. M. Wald, General Relativity (University of Chicago Press).
  • C. W. Misner, K. S. Thorne and J. A. Wheeler, Gravitation (Freeman).
  • R. Adler, M. Bazin and M. Schiffer, Introduction to General Relativity (McGraw-Hill).
  • S. Weinberg, Gravitation and Cosmology (Wiley).
  • S. W. Hawking and G. F. R. Ellis, The Large Scale Structure of Space-time (Cambridge).
  • gr-qc/970712 (P. K. Townsend, Black Holes).
  • S. Chandresakhar, The Mathematical Theory of Black Holes, Oxford.

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